The home of outdoor shelters

Aquila Shelters was established in 1986 to provide a new type of all-purpose outdoor shelter. There are now hundreds of permanent installations at schools and businesses across the country and our temporary shelters are used by thousands of members of public and events throughout the year.

A proven and trusted all weather outdoor shelter system

Whether it is the Series 3 temporary shelter or Series 7 fixed structure, both incorporate:

  • A super strength metal frame capable of withstanding a force ten gale and one tonne of sudden snowfall on the roof
  • A stylish and colourful tensile fabric canopy that’s fully waterproof and UV resistant
  • Concrete pads or earth anchors to secure the shelter safely
  • Six standard sizes, or made to measure units, that can be joined together on a modular basis to create any size or shape.

Fixed shelters to buy

Our fixed outdoor shelters can be free-standing or attached to an existing building. Adding a shelter to an unused or unprotected space provides huge benefits over a typical lifespan of 20 years. For more information about our fixed shelters for schools visit our Schools page.

Temporary shelters for hire

Our temporary outdoor shelters can be installed anywhere to provide total weather protection. Our structures range from simple marquees to corporate event shelters. For more information about our marquees and event shelters visit our Events page.

Our modular outdoor shelters provide temporary storage and covered work areas. Our striking street market shelters are designed to accommodate traders and shoppers safely and securely. For more information about our street shelters visit our Markets page.

Experienced shelter installation team

Our highly experienced team is committed to installing shelters that are structurally engineered for safety, strength and durability. Our canopies not only provide a practical and cost effective solution to any specific need but also make a visually striking statement about your organisation or event. Watch our shelter installation team in action here.