School Shelters

Practical and Stylish Canopies

We have installed hundreds of fixed canopies with our oldest school installation being at St Hilary’s school in Godalming since 1994. Our outside canopy structures are designed and constructed to withstand all weather conditions and operate for over 20 years:

  • Our outdoor canopies are fixed to an aluminium frame which is non-corrosive and has been wind-tested during hurricane conditions.
    The canopy is made with tensile PVC fabric which is 100% waterproof and capable of holding 1 tonne of snow.
  • Our canopies are coated with an organic compound for extra heat and smoke resistance and flame retardancy.
  • A choice of fabric and metalwork colours are available to match the fixed canopy to your existing school colour scheme.
  • Our modular outdoor canopies can be fixed to an existing building or be free-standing on any type of ground surface. The outdoor structure can be shaped around the existing environment such as playground equipment, entrances to buildings, walkways and seating benches.
  • Our fixed outdoor canopies include injury and vandal prevention features such as column protection pads, locking bolts and non-scalable sides.

Permanent Shelters

Many permanent school shelter installations are exempt from planning permission. After a free site visit we are able to provide planning advice and a CAD drawing of the proposed school shelter. We always recommend contacting your local planning office before a final decision is made. However, the following planning approval exemptions usually apply to permanent shelters for nurseries, schools and colleges:

  • Permanent shelters not exceeding 25% of the gross floor space of the original building (or 100 square metres).
  • Permanent shelters no less than 5 metres from the boundary of the curtilage of the premises (edge of the school grounds etcetera).
  • Permanent shelters installed on a playing field without preventing it from still being used.
  • Permanent shelters not exceeding 5m in height.
  • Permanent shelters not installed within the curtilage of a listed building, unless it is used by the school.
  • Certain conditions relating to the purpose, use of materials and length of installation may also apply to some permanent shelters.

Sun Shelters

The need to shelter from the sun is most important during the hours of 11am and 3pm when schools make the most of natural sunlight for outdoor activities. Our UV resistant sun shelters provide cool shaded areas allowing light to pass through them for safe, comfortable learning and play:

  • Our canopies are manufactured from PVC coated fabric which is the most effective type of sun shade material because of it’s low cost, flexibility, weight and low thermal conductivity.
  • Our sun shelters are designed to provide all year round weather protection and don’t need to to be dismantled during periods of heavy rain, snow or strong winds.
  • The advantage of installing one of our permanent shelters as a sun shade is that at any time flexible wall panels can be fitted to create a completely enclosed shelter space.

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor education requirements emphasise the need to develop outside spaces enabling children to learn while having fun and being in the fresh air. Outdoor learning should not be feared but enjoyed. Outdoor classrooms should be an extension of indoor provision and the two should go hand in hand. Indoor classrooms can go outdoors and outside in:

  • Free-standing outdoor classrooms can be located in unused spaces such as school gardens and other remote parts of the school grounds.
  • An outdoor classroom structure can be attached to the existing building to create additional space for outdoor activities.
  • Our fixed shelters are available with removable wall panels and the frame structure can be fitted with heating and lighting equipment to create a comfortable outdoor classroom environment.
  • Our standard shelter sizes accommodate up to 30 people seated at round tables or 50 standing or seated on the floor.

Here is a sample of just some of our delighted schools:

“We are very pleased with our canopy, not only has it extended our outdoor play by providing shelter, it also means our sandpit and water trays can be left outside and they no longer get dirty and waterlogged by the rain. The children love it and it has sparked a good deal of imaginative play as they call it the tent.”

Kathryn Phillips at Craig Y Don Playschool

“Aquila Shelters has undertaken three projects at our prestigious ‘City of Norwich School’ – and the effects have been dramatic on both pupils and staff alike – particularly in terms of extended recreational spaces, which are both colourful and complementary to our school. Without the help and considerable expertise of Aquila this would not have been possible.”

Mike Bullock, Site Manager at City of Norwich School

“We have had excellent service from the school playground shelters supplied by Aquila four years ago and we are very pleased with the latest additions.”

Ken Taylor, Site Services Manager at Stamford School

“It was the design sketch that Aquila supplied with their quotation that initially persuaded us to buy from them. In reality the school playground shelters more than live up to their promise. They are seriously good value for money.”

Ingrid Alsop, Headteacher at Shillington Lower School

“The school playground shelter has improved our school environment and transformed our social space. The installation also provided a valuable weather-proof practical area for our construction skills students who carried out the groundwork.”

Paul Moss, Assistant Headteacher at Clayton Hall College