Frequently asked questions

Planning permission is only required if the temporary structure is in place for more than 28 days. However, there are some exemptions depending on the size and use of the canopy. Most outdoor shelters installed in educational establishments are exempt from planning permission as long as they are 6 metres from the building perimeter. Fixed shelters below 30 square metres in size (333 square foot) are usually exempt from permanent structure building regulations.

Our modular shelters can be joined together to create an endless number of shapes and sizes. Structures can be separated using dividing walls so whether it’s a pavilion or street market individual spaces can be created. For festivals and events large enclosed spaces can be created under multiple canopies.

Classed as a temporary demountable structure all of our canopies are designed and structurally engineered for safety, strength and durability. We have been manufacturing to the same exacting standards since 1986 using powder coated construction grade aluminum frames and polyester reinforced PVC membranes which are UV and corrosion resistant and flame retardant. Our shelters are dramatically cheaper than conventional buildings and several early installations have now been in continuous use for over 20 years. We guarantee a 10-year design life that has always outperformed.

Our canopies have been proved to withstand hurricanes, torrential rain, heavy snowfall and intense heat.

Minimal maintenance is required PVDF lacquer aids membrane cleanliness.

There are over twenty colour choices for dramatic profiles or subtle blending into various backgrounds. Our membrane surfaces are also ideal for graphics.

Optional removable side panel walls are available with padded post protectors for young children.

Fast construction ensures minimal disruption and permits installation during term time. For large outdoor events we are able to build up to 25 structures in less than 2 days.

Please add your contact details and a brief description to the ‘Get in touch’ box and leave the rest to us. We will contact you within the next 24 hours and explain the complete process from design and manufacture to installation.