Bespoke Shelters

Outdoor stage shelters, Indoor canopies, Exhibition and sponsor display screens, External awning structures, Temporary pavilions, Changing shelters, Visitor canopies

High Quality Canopy Materials

Our canopies are assembled using only the best materials. We have been installing canopy shelters for over a quarter of a century and very little has changed during this time:

  • The canopy fabric material used is manufactured by Serge Ferrari, the world leaders in colourful PVC woven fabrics.
  • Our ready made and bespoke canopies are PVDF top lacquered with the same substance used to coat fishing lines and elecrtical wiring because of its durability and strength.
  • Combining an extruded aluminium profile frame with the PVC canopy, our structures will typically perform for over 20 years.

Fabric Architecture Expertise

The patented Aquila system was engineered to our brief by Buro Happold, a world leader in the field who has worked on the Sydney Opera House, the Millennium Dome, and the Olympic Stadium.

  • Aquila operates in accordance with guidance issued by the Institute of Structural Engineers.
  • We are proud holders of MUTAmarq an industry standard accreditation mark administered by the Performance Textiles Association and are fully compliant with their guidelines for the safe use and operation of fabric architecture structures.

Tensile Structure Craftmanship

Since 2001 our canopies have been constructed by the award winning fabric engineering company Intension UK Ltd. who also supply tensile structures to clients such as Buckingham Palace, London 2012, British Airways and the King Abdullah University. We are very proud of our association with them and their many achievements:

  • Holders of international fabric design and fabrication accolades.
  • Investors in people and technology with the latest in fabric engineering cutting and welding equipment.
  • Considerable experience fabricating bespoke interior and exterior structures for sun shades, brise soleil, screening, decorative purposes, canopies and shelters from fabric and other materials such as PTFE and silicone glass.

Structural Installation

Our highly skilled team has been installing outdoor shelters for over 25 years. The process of site inspection, CAD drawings, canopy production and final installation can usually be performed in 4-6 weeks (much faster if we are installing an off-the-shelf canopy):

  • We can carry out structural groundwork or work with any other contractors you may wish to use if concrete foundations are neccessary.
  • We can supply detailed drawings, specifications, test results and certificates along with advice about planning approval.
  • We offer a warranty and maintenance service to ensure your canopy can be kept in the same condition for as long as 20 years.

Fixed Canopies and Shelters

Pub and Restaurant canopies, Smoking shelters, Garden Centre canopies, Car shelters, Sports shelters, Theme Park canopies

Outdoor Shelters

Our outdoor shelters are installed as permanent structures and in many places are still standing after more than 20 years. Our structures use completely weather proof materials guaranteeing long term outdoor shelter protection:

  • The outdoor shelter metal frame is constructed using non-corrosive aluminium alloy.
  • Our outdoor permanent shelters are wind-tested with speeds in excess of 60mph.
  • The tensile structure roof of our outdoor shelters can withstand 1 tonne of snow loading.

PVC Fabric Tensile Structures

All our canopies are manufactured from PVC fabric, the highest tensile and tear strength material for fabric structures and the most cost effective for appearance, longevity and maintenance:

  • Our PVC canopies provide a permanent year round waterproof shelter.
  • We produce the safest type of UV resistant sun shelter using PVC fabric coated with PVDF, the same material used to insulate electric wires because of its combination of flexibility, low weight, low thermal conductivity, high chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  • A choice of canopy fabric colours and graphics are available for colour fast roof canopies.
  • The speciality PVC material used in our tensile fabric structures offers the highest possible resistance to heat and smoke generation and is flame retardant to M2 NFP 92.503, DIN 4102 B1, BS 5438, SIS 650082.

Modular Shelters

Our shelter sizes range from 100 to 400 square feet and by connecting modular shelters together any size or shape of permanent shelter can be provided:

  • Our fully flexible modular shelter system can be installed at any location and shaped around the existing natural or built environment to create a seamlessly integrated sheltering space.
  • We offer a choice of completely or partially open sides, ensuring our modular outdoor shelters are compliant with anti-smoking legislation.
  • Our modular shelters can be completely enclosed with the addition of side walls, doorways and partition panels.

Fixed Canopies

As with any type of permanent structure planning approval is usually required for a fixed canopy installed for longer than 28 days. However, there are some exceptions based on the size, location and purpose of the shelter. We are happy to offer a free site visit and planning advice about the installation of our permanent shelters:

  • Our standard outdoor fixed canopy plan dimensions are 3030mm, 4550mm and 6070mm in any width/length combination.
  • At it’s lowest point our fixed canopy module measures 2060mm height at the corners.
  • At it’s highest point our fixed canopy module measures 4495mm height in the middle of the canopy.