Temporary field shelters, Event shelters, Temporary farming and lambing shelters, Temporary warehouses, Storage shelters, Emergency shelters, Temporary catering tents

Demountable Structures

Aquila operates in accordance with the Institute of Structural Engineers Guidance for the use of temporary demountable structures:

  • Our temporary demountable structures provide shelter space from 100 to over 8000 square feet, and are capable of accommodating hundreds of people.
  • Individual module sizes range from 100 to 400 square feet and can be connected together to create any shape of temporary structure following an existing building shape, paved area or natural landscape.
  • Our temporary structures employ the same Aquila system used to build permanent shelters, which perform for over 20 years in all weathers, making it the perfect year round temporary shelter solution.
  • Our fully enclosed temporary shelters can be fitted with doorways and internal wall dividers to create separate spaces within the covered area.

Temporary Outdoor Shelters

Our temporary shelters can be built to cover any size or shape of outdoor space, horizontally and vertically, providing vehicle access for fork-lift trucks and other plant machinery.

As well as sheltering supplies and equipment, our temporary outdoor shelters also make ideal remote feeding and livestock shelters.

Wind, Snow, Rain Shelters

Our temporary shelters are installed throughout the year in all weather conditions. As temporary warehouses during the Christmas, Valentines and Easter trading periods, or as feeding and lambing shelters, our shelters protect livelihood and lives during the worst weather months of October to March.

An important consideration when installing a temporary shelter is the risk of heavy snowfall. Many temporary shelters aren’t designed with snow loading capacity in mind and require constant heating to melt snow and prevent canopy failure. Our steep sided tensile canopies are shaped to prevent snow build up and have a snow loading capacity of 1 tonne without the need for heating.